304 stainless steel plate is one of the important materials in home decoration, its anti-corrosion, hard, bright characteristics by the owners love. However, there are still many friends who have a lack of knowledge about stainless steel. So, what is 304 stainless steel plate? Here, follow TISCO together to see!

304 and 316 what are the characteristics of each?

what is 304 stainless steel plate

Stainless steel is the stainless acid-resistant steel alias, is a stainless steel. 304 stainless steel plate is stainless steel Z is one of the common stainless steel material. Density: 7.93g/cm3; temperature resistance 800 °, easy processing, toughness, is widely used in industry, home decoration, medical equipment industry.

1、Physical properties

Tensile strength ≥ 520mpa; conditional yield strength ≥ 205mpa; sectional shrinkage ≥ 60%; specific heat capacity 0.5kj*kg; coefficient of expansion 18.4; resistivity 0.73; longitudinal modulus of elasticity: 193; thermal conductivity 21.5; hardness ≤ 187hb, ≤ 90hrb, ≤ 200hv; elongation ≥ 40%.

2、304 stainless steel plate use

First, 304 stainless steel plate is suitable for food processing, transportation and storage. Its own good plasticity, in the plate heat exchanger, tableware, cabinets, water heaters can be used; then, auto parts, water boiler, building materials, food industry is also involved. It can be said: 304 stainless steel plate is the most widely used stainless steel plate.

 304 and 316 what are the characteristics of each?

304 mirror stainless steel: with high temperature resistance, good processing performance, good toughness, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Widely used in handicraft and furniture decoration industry and food medical industry. Mainly used for household goods, auto parts, medical equipment, food industry, agriculture, parts of ships, etc.

316 mirror stainless steel plate: good oxidation resistance and good welding properties. Used in pulp and paper equipment exchangers, dyeing equipment, film washing pipes, exterior building materials in coastal areas, also in the field of battery valves.

304 stainless steel plate, is a very reliable and durable steel, you can rest assured that the use, I hope the appeal can help you more comprehensive understanding of 304 stainless steel plate.

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